Corn Relief and care 

Corns or callus is a thickened part of the skin that normally develops when the body tries to protect itself against friction or pressure. this protection can sometimes cause the skin to become sore from this now hardened skin and may require treatment.

Symptoms of a corn: 

  • Raised skin rough to the touch can also have redness

  • Stabbing pain when pressed or walking 

  • a lump normally on the skin, corns normally affect toes (including in between toes) and the sole of the foot.

How to treat corn:

  • The best way to remove a corn is to find out what is causing the damage, and then resolve or alleviate - PureFeet favourite is to is out Epitact Digitops this woill then protect the corn from rubbing if it is based on a toe along with a good cream to soften the area.