Chirocream Foot Cream UK

Updated: Mar 6

Give your feet some love using Chirocream, a cream created in Europe and used my Chiropodist and podiatrist alike, for those who suffer from Dry skin, Cold feet, thick skin and cracked heels who are looking for a touch of quality over other creams.

Chirocream is available in two sizes of 100ml and 500ml, Chirocream is used by massaging into the skin on a regular basis 1 to 2 times daily in a circular motion, stop once cream is absorbed. Three types of cream are available and personally I always carry these with me while offering Chiropody services to my customers.

Chirocream Foot Warming Cream:

I am Starting with my Favourite, and not just mine - my customers love the warming cream. a huge amount of us suffer from aching feet after standing on them all day or arthritis in out toes as we age and cold feet on them winter nights. Massaging Chirocream's Warming cream is a form of luxury and alleviation from the above alignments. rubbing into sore and cold feet the Ginger and pepper infused cream penetrates deep in the muscle providing a long lasting relief

Chirocream Heel Balm:

chirocream Heel Balm for severley dry skin cracked heels and thickened callus. why walk around in pain and discomfort when all you need to do is apply this fantastic cream providing an intense monstering. Chirocream heel balm contains 10% Urea a natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredient that promotes healing and natural skin growth. Due to its Urea content Chirocream Heel Balm can be used with such conditions as eczema and psoriasis, the urea also acts as anti itching.

Chirocream Foot Care cream:

lastly we have our Chirocream Foot Care cream, everyone should cream feet and

legs at LEAST one a day. As we age are skin (skin is called as an Organ) becomes less elastic and fragile while unable to hold as much moisture in its previous years. I inform all my customers to start creaming feet and legs early to stop any problems as we age. Good skin will be less prone to Eczema, Ulcers, and Itching as we age.

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