When I first used Chirocream on my customers feet I was pleasantly surprised. Chirocream is made by podiatrist and I always informed my customers for podiatrist and this isn't true, the fact been Chirocream is available to anyone, offers a wide range that is not confusing to anyone (example been Chirocream Warming cream) and is growing readily available.

My customers Loved Chirocream and soon I was carrying extra round with me on my foot health visits as my customers would always ask for me to get them some (most customers been over 60 the internet is not widely used) Chirocream was the top 5 foot creams I had readily available but my customers who suffered from cold feet went crazy for the chircream FWC Warming Cream 100ml - i could never order enough and as soon as was in stock will be gone within a week. as most of my customers revolved over 6 week period a lot of unhappy customers came my way in need of a warming Fix. Not my fault (thinking why didn't you order more) been mobile in foot health everything had to fit into my car and therefore product space is limited and my equipment takes priority.

let me finish by adding if you want a luxuries cream that works then you cannot go wrong with Chirocream but please feel free to read on my top 5 creams to see where is comes in the charts.

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