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Chiropody and podiatry

Pure Feet offer Chiropody and podiatry services and also the new Foot Health practitioner service. These are all services that deal with Feet with some difference in the level of qualifications.

The word Chiropodist is believed to have a Greek root and mean foot and hand doctor, however in modern society we have moved this title to be mainly foot based.

The word Podiatrist or podiatry is also from Greek origin the word pod means “foot” and iatrist “healer“ however we seem to use podiatry as a more modern name for chiropodist.

due to the length of time for qualifications and the few chiropodist/Podiatrist around a new title was created “foot health Practitioner” although not as highly trained as a chiropodist/podiatrist if you are looking for a nail cut, corn removal, callus reduction, ingrown toenail issues. A Foot Health practitioner is trained in these areas and possibly cheaper for these services.

if toenail surgery is required or a gait analysis a chiropodist or podiatrist will be a better option for you.

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