How to pick the right foot cream

Foot Creams come in a Great variety and not all Foot creams resolve the same issue, Foot creams may be used for Dry Feet, Smelly Feet, Hard skin, Skin infection, cold feet, warm feet, and many, many more. so how do you pick the right foot care cream?

Well fortunately creams are labelled to what we need (mostly) for example: if i had cracked heels i may be drawn to Flexitol Heel Balm.

The Heel Balm will contain special ingredients in order to help resolve the heel cracks for example a high percentage of Urea (a synthetic protein skin uses for good health)

Foot warming Creams are used to provide the sensation of warming to the skin and deep tissue. many people suffer cold feet and this can be due to many reason such as genetics to winter and circulation issues, the cream not only moisturises the feet, it also contains ingredients to maximise the warming of the skin such as Ginger extract, providing a deep warming

feel and sensation to the area of the applied cream. many cream products are able to warm the feet please see Chirocream for my personal favourite.

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