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I often visit my clients and i am informed of their dry feet i ask "have you been moisturising EVERY DAY" often the reply is no, otherwise they would not have dry feet. We walk around 5000 steps a day (unless we try to do our recommended 10,000) while we walk our feet are encased in socks then a shoe. All this heat and pressure can cause a strain and therefore our feet asked for a little tender loving care.

We will experience Corns, Callus, Cracked heels and dryness and most can be prevented by a decent application of a good Cream in order to provide relief.

Top Foot Relief Cream

Ureka Cream

Ureka Cream is a great cream at a great price it comes in different sizes and refreshing to apply - a 10% to 25% UREA is available for mending skin.


Flexitol Makes many creams, the hard skin and Callus Balm will mend those horrible cracked heels in weeks - a must have for anyone in discomfort.


Again a great contender and many creams available - however the Foot Warming Cream brings great relief to those who need to moisturise and who suffer from cold feet in summer or winter.

With so many creams on the market there is something for everyone and many for one, its not always the most expensive is the best.

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