My Fungal Nail......EWWWWWWWW

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

Fungal Nail, What, Where and how. you will be surprised how many of my patients had suffered from Fungal Nail hiding there feet from all sight until they decide to do something about it. A condition that causes the Nail to become Brittle, Swell, Change colour, and smell. Let's be honest its ugly and embarrassing.

A Fungal Nail infection is caused by fungi spores, Yeast and can also cause the common Athlete's foot (tinea pedis). WHY me! some might say, well MANY of us will ignore that little colony of fungal on our nails - a small discoloured entry point into the nail. We then provide the best opportunity for our Fungi to grow covering up out feet so be nice and dark, keeping the same thick socks on a producing a dark, moist (yes i said moist - the most hated word of 2019) environment, you're new pet colony will thrive in these conditions.

So let's get down to treatment: in fact its not that hard and depending on how long the nail has been infected normally depends on how long it will take to treat. You see we don't cure nail, the nail has already been eaten by the fungus. However we can stop the fungal spreading to new nail growth and eventually all Fungal Nail will grow out and we are left with a brand new Fungal Free nail.

Please look at some Fungal nail treatment to get started.

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