Drs REMEDY nail polish basic basecoat

Clear base coat. Wear under all of Dr.'s REMEDY nail polish shades or worn alone for a shiny natural nail.


Dr.'s REMEDY formulated Nail Varnish Remover with Tea tree oil, vitamen C & E too reduce risk of drying of nails.


Normal polishes no longer makes the cut. Which is why Dr.’s Remedy Enriched Nail Care collection stands apart for its wellness-inspired approach to realizing and maintaining strong, healthy nails—with no harmful chemicals. Tthese Vegan overachieving lacquers deliver—big-time. The brainchild of two New York-based podiatrists, Dr. Adam Cirlincione and Dr. William Spielfogel, Dr.’s Remedy Enriched Nail Care collection combines the ultimate in pampering and performance to give a manicure everything it needs—and nothing it doesn’t.

The line appeals to:

  • Patients with yellow, discolored nails
  • Diabetic patients
  • Patients with dry, brittle nails
  • Men and women undergoing chemotherapy
  • Pregnant women looking to avoid harsh chemicals
  • Children who wish to limit exposure to formaldehyde and other potentially dangerous toxins
  • Patients with strong healthy nails who want to keep them that way


The nail products contain a blend of organic ingredients that help strengthen nails and improve their natural color—without harsh chemicals.  Vitamins, natural extracts and essential oils that work together to improve the health and vitality of your nails. 

  • Tea Tree Oil - Anti Bacterial and Fungal
  • Garlic Bulb Extract - Vitamin C
  • Vitamins C & E known to help strengthen both skin and nails.
  • Wheat Protein to boost shine

Dr.'s REMEDY BASIC Basecoat


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