Get Ready too


  • Diabetic Friendly

  • Vegan Friendly 

  • Help for Brittle Nails 

  • Created by Podiatrist 

  • Contains vitamin C & E

Dotted Blue Socks



Footwear Range 

A variety of footwear from soft elastic to Bamboo socks providing the best foot care for Diabetics, Swollen Feet and just great fashion 

Top Selling



The Best Of DR.'s REMEDY 

Ingrown Toenail

Laces and insoles 

Foot Paddings 

Foot Cream offer a wide range of products for the foot industry keeping your feet looking their best with a wide range of foot cream, vegan nail varnish by Dr Remedy.


Purefeet offer a wide range of products to help with foot and toe pain at competitive prices and leading research.

Have a look at Purefeet local recommendations for chiropodist podiatrist and foot health practitioners in your local area on our expanding recommendation list. 

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