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How much does earwax removal cost

The cost of earwax removal can vary depending on several factors, including the location, the type of clinic or service provider, and the specific method used for the removal. It is best to contact a local earwax removal clinic in Egham or nearby to inquire about their specific pricing. Prices can range from around £50 to £150

Here's an outline of different procedures for earwax removal along with a general cost range for each:

  1. Manual Earwax Removal:

    • Procedure: A healthcare professional uses specialized tools (e.g., curettes, forceps, or suction devices) to manually remove the earwax.

    • Cost Range: Approximately £50 to £100.

  1. Irrigation (Ear Syringing):

    • Procedure: Warm water or saline solution is gently flushed into the ear canal to soften and dislodge the earwax, which is then removed using a syringe or specialized irrigation equipment.

    • Cost Range: Approximately £60 to £120.

  1. Microsuction:

    • Procedure: A small, gentle suction device is used to carefully remove the earwax under direct microscopic visualization, without introducing water or liquid into the ear.

    • Cost Range: Approximately £70 to £150.

  1. Ear Drops:

    • Procedure: Over-the-counter or prescription ear drops are applied to the ear canal to soften and break down the earwax, which may then be naturally expelled over time.

    • Cost Range: The cost of ear drops varies depending on the specific product and whether it requires a prescription. Generally, over-the-counter ear drops can range from £5 to £20.

Please note that the cost ranges provided are approximate and can vary depending on the clinic or healthcare provider you visit. It's always advisable to contact a local earwax removal clinic in Egham or nearby for accurate and up-to-date pricing information for each specific procedure.

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